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Joanne Enders

Founder & CEO of Little Things


Lens-based Artist, Photographer, Author, Speaker & Spacehost. It’s always the little things that make the biggest differences. Joanne's journey, shaped by her mother and grandmother's wisdom, exemplifies the transformative power of art. 

As an internationally acclaimed multimedia artist, she embodies resilience, authenticity, and personal growth. Her emotionally charged work resonates with global audiences, while her trailblazing multimedia creations captivate through digital art, AI, and photography. 

Joanne's #1 international best-selling debut book, "The Creative Lifebook", showcases her narrative talent and promotes community building and collaboration among 64 artists. Her business savvy, combined with her artistic prowess, positions her as a driving force for change and inspiration. From her modest beginnings to her worldwide success, Joanne's life and creativity are testaments to growth, resilience, and authenticity.


Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

NFT Art with Lauren

Carly McKinnis

Photographer, drone pilot, & mom

telling stories any & every way I can.

Claire Ujma

Time to fly! Drone Photographer

Juliet Haas

Contemporary American Photographer

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